Private, Quiet & Convenient Conference Rooms

Professionalism is the order of the day upon entering one of Russin Reporting multipurpose conference rooms.

Whether you are here for a conference or clearing a deposition, you will find that our rentable mediation/conference rooms will provide the perfect space.

Our firm is located downtown Las Cruces near the Third Judicial District Courthouse and U.S. Federal Courthouse.

This is the best location in the city of Las Cruces for professionals working with either of these courts who need a convenient private space away from the commotion of the courthouses.

At Russin Reporting LLC, our conference rooms serve as the best professional spaces in Las Cruces. Our headquarters is equipped with two large conference rooms, a waiting room, and a kitchen all ready for use.

Although our conference rooms are perfect for mediation, they also serve as multipurpose professional spaces.

Our multipurpose conference rooms are:

  • Accessible – Central Las Cruces is home to government headquarters, restaurants and a vibrant downtown culture for those working from out of town.
  • Highly professional – Our conference/mediation rooms are designs for professional business.
  • Maintained for comfortability & cleanliness – Our conference rooms are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to provide maximum comfort during your use of the spaces.
  • Affordable to our clients – We have the best prices in conference room renting in Las Cruces!
  • Extremely private – Most work performed in our conference room requires extra security and privacy for sensitive communications and meetings.

Our office is equipped with wireless high speed internet and a staff that goes above and beyond and is prepared for Skype and Zoom uses. So whether you are utilizing one of our computers or your own, you will always be connected.

In the courtroom or during your time utilizing our great mediation/conference rooms, Russin Reporting LLC can provide you with a wide-spectrum of services that make us your one-stop-shop court reporting firm.

Contact us today if you have any questions on any of our wonderful services.